Exceptional, individualized therapy to help your child bloom.


The three branches of Seattle Therapy Network offer a variety of collaborative services, including:

Occupational therapy
Physical therapy
Speech therapy

In addition, we offer group work, and open gym hours for play and exploration (see below).


Group work helps your child prepare for classroom expectations, improve, communication skills, explore sensory experiences, fine motor skills, promote problem solving, and foster social skills. We offer a variety of groups for different age groups, facilitated by a licensed pediatric therapist unless otherwise noted.

  • Family yoga: Move, stretch, relax. Feel happy + healthy with your family through yoga.
  • Fit Foundations: Fitness groups for tweens and teens.
  • Helper Hands (CIT training): Helping kids with hemiplegia to use their affected arm.
  • Feeding groups: Exploring foods with peers in a supportive, therapeutic environment.
  • Self-regulation/Alert Program: For older elementary kids to learn how to manage their activity level, and use sensory tools to get through their day with success.
  • Handwriting groups: A fun and empowering way to gain confidence in handwriting skills.
  • Creative Cooperation: An arts-based social skills group.

Claim your spot now! Please get in touch to find out about groups starting soon.

Open Gym

During the rainy months, this is our answer to getting in family playtime and physical activity in a familiar space. Together you and your kid can explore the big gym to play, crash, crawl, and swing those wiggles out! We’re proud to open our gym to everyone and anyone in the community, however space is limited and requires pre-registration. All participants must sign a waiver and have health insurance. Cost is $5.00/child, caregivers are free. Email info@seattle-therapy-network.com to reserve your spot!

To learn more, check out our calendar of events on facebook or sign up for our newsletter to hear about upcoming sessions.